Edinburgh Transport Guide

Transport in Edinburgh is modern and efficient, but mostly limited to buses as the main mode of getting around town, while the train service is only useful for reaching destinations a little further afield. A tram system running visitors from the city centre to the airport is slated for completion in 2014.

How to get around Edinburgh

There seems to be just one road rule for Edinburgh; don’t bother hiring a car unless you know where you’re going. Signage in the city is small and in some parts can date back to the days of the horse and cart! If you do have a car, a much less stressful option is to park outside of the city centre and take a bus or a taxi, both of which are regular and fairly priced. Otherwise, walking in the centre is advisable as nearly all attractions are close. If you do opt for the bus, most are coloured red and white and sell tickets for a single ride or for the day.