Egypt Weather Guide

Egypt’s terrain is mainly desert with the exceptions of the Delta, White Mediterranean coast and the Nile Valley area. A large country, there are still 2 distinct seasons: a mild winter and a warm and sunny summer.

Season and Clothing

Summer: May to October

No matter where you go in Egypt in summer; don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and keep up your fluid intake. It can get very hot and dry in the desert during summer, which is not the ideal time for this type of adventure. Closer to the Nile and Mediterranean coast can also get humid. Late September and October are great months to explore Egypt as the temperature lowers. The Red Sea Riviera is great for sun and sea seekers (think great snorkelling and diving) all year round. In October, the Abu Simbel Sun Festival sees all sorts of celebrations surround Ramses II’s birthday, a pharaoh who built his temple at Abu Simbel in such a way that the inside chamber lights up from the sun twice a year. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold.

Winter: November to April

The days are comfortably warm in most of Egypt during winter, but the nights can get cool depending on where you are. Still, it can be a lot more comfortable than those hot summer days. With this in mind, winter is the best time for visiting the desert areas. April and May are mild months and a great time to visit anywhere in Egypt, although there are some crowds. The Sham el Nessim (Egypt Spring Festival) celebrates the first day of spring. It is an ancient holiday, some 4,500 years old, and sees locals flock to green spaces (even by the side of the road) in the early morning to picnic with loved ones and traditional foods.