Introduction to England

England is a cultural and historic power cell. Lurking above the English Channel and shouldering the North Sea, it shares borders with Wales and Scotland within the United Kingdom, enjoys a congenial relationship with the Republic of Ireland and exports its sport, comedy and general influence to our shores.

England itself is relatively tiny, measuring 130,395 square kilometres (England can fit within Australia 59 times) but with a booming population of 52 million inhabitants. Heading to London? You’ll be hanging out with 6.5 percent of the population. 

Before you board a plane, get your lingo down – England is not Britain or the United Kingdom. The Scots, Irish and Welsh might have something to say if you insist otherwise. A land of rain clouds, hot days, pies and sauce, fish and chips, the Magna Carta, political freedom, ancient megaliths and space-age projects, England belongs to the past, the future and the present.

The life of the party, London attracts an eclectic mix of seasoned travellers and first-timers, balancing juicy sights to sink your teeth into and enough hidden extras to keep you coming back for more. If pubs, palaces and the squall of an ever-growing city don’t quite excite, beautified relaxation capitals like Bath or seaside must-sees like Brighton should cap off your sense of adventure – take a dip in ancient Roman baths or stroll along the famous Brighton boardwalk. No English break is complete without a tablespoon of history or a great, creamy dollop of it; Stonehenge, York and Windsor Castle are all delicious destinations on your trail – where will you visit first?

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