Shakespeare, Mary Poppins, football and fish and chips; England continues to crown almost every bucket list as somewhere to be – even if it’s just for the tea. For more must-know info about England, see our guide below.

Visa Requirements

Australian passport holders can enter the UK for less than 6 months without a visa. If you intend to work or study, you will need to apply for a visa before you travel. You may also be eligible for a working visa if you are a Commonwealth citizen or have UK ancestry. All foreigners are required to register their place of residence within 24 hours of arrival in England. Please be aware that this information is only a guide. For up-to-the-minute visa information, contact the UK High Commission in Canberra.


England uses the British Pound. The exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and British Pound fluctuates constantly, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on the exchange rate. Make sure you let your bank or credit card company know your travel dates for security reasons and check what international withdrawal fees may apply to your account.


Dicks, butts, tarts and devils - beyond the realm of pies and fish and chips, traditional English fare is trifling and unexpectedly flavoursome. You can’t go wrong with a Bakewell tart – cake, jam and shortcrust pastry in one dessert hit, perfect with a dollop of cream. Not into tarts? A slice of spotted dick should satisfy, packed with more fruit and nuts than your nan’s Christmas cake (sorry Nan) and served with thickened custard. Not a sweet tooth? Try bacon butty (bacon sandwich). Yes, you’ll feel a bit foolish asking for one, but we suspect that’s the point. English food is named to embarrass and harass. On that note, have you ever enjoyed a devilled kidney? Mmm, offal.


Dive into the heart of London in glamorous Mayfair, a suburb filled to the street signs with it-bars, it-girls and other it-things. Skip the D-grade celebrity appeal of Chelsea and head straight for Soho. One word for English nightlife – Manchester. Plug into an electro revolution - The Warehouse Project continually attracts thousands to its sporadic seasonal events. Clique is always hot; a market stayer with an edge of innovation and trippy dance floor effects, and Wet Play will leave you begging for more with its styled tunes and live sets. Skrillex, Bloc Party, Lady Gaga and Drake – that’s right, the stars are aligning in Newcastle, gracing the magical worlds of Florita’s, Academy and Digital. From the pub culture of Bristol to the basement raves of Leeds, going out in England isn’t something to do, it’s an institution. 

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