England Weather Guide

Don’t ever ask an English resident about the weather, unless you’re willing to listen for 30 minutes. Like cricket, football and beer, the English take their weather very seriously, often planning their lives around the daily and weekly forecasts. England experiences various extremes from the very chilly to the sweltering – and no, it’s not always raining.

Summer: June to August

Summer attracts thunderstorms and low pressure surges, often swirling around the southern, eastern and central provinces of England. Lightning is replaced by wind gusts and scattered showers, maintaining the emerald grasses of the English countryside. For the most part, summer is an idyllic period of showers, sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Don’t miss the summer festival season at Glastonbury, Reading and V Festival.

Autumn: September to November

Autumn in England is a two-faced friend to daring travellers; the mild, blue-sky days can change into unstable cold air fronts and constant rain – you never know what you’ll get from one day to the next. The bright yellows, sunburst oranges and blood reds of the fallen leaves make city parks the places to be. Prepare to rug up as you’ll be freezing your butt off daily. Bestival music festival hits the Isle of Wight in September annually.

Winter: December to February

Winter is the season of soggy days and soaking nights, walking through puddles, and pushing through snowfall. In reality, an English winter is windy, rainy and very cold. Snow doesn’t fall everywhere in England, so if you want to see patches of fluffy ice caking the ground, channel your inner Englishman and watch the weather. Powerful, southwest wind gusts punctuate a cold mean temperature, ranging from -1 to 7.8 degrees Celsius.

Spring: March to May

Keep your jackets on as an English springtime is a cool, dry season. Midday to mid-afternoon can become quite warm, particularly in May, as summer comes knocking and snow drifts start to melt away, but expect the winter bite to hang around until mid-April with windy weather and cold snaps. One blooming spectacle not to be missed in the annual Chelsea Flower Show held every May in London.