Whether it's your first trip or 50th visit, Europe remains an everlasting fixture on most people's travel lists. By surface area, Europe is the world's second smallest continent, but in terms of travel, it is one of the most visited and rich in scope, cultures, cuisines, languages and landscapes. Its popularity lies within a wide range of factors. Some come for the fascinating history, others seek to experience the unique cultures, while visual travellers look to the wondrous scenery. Europe's biggest undeniable plus, however, is its compact nature that  the opportunity to experience so much in such an accessible way. With one plane ticket, you can cross borders with ease, experience life in a number of iconic cities and tick a few must-dos off your travel wish list in one go.

So, where to begin in Europe? At the top of the list is France, the most visited country in the world and where the baguette cliches born from holiday movies ring true. Across the pond, the United Kingdom is free of language barriers and full of castles, famous monuments and pubs. Along the Mediterranean, Greece and Italy each promise a holiday of delicious food and passionate culture, with Greece boasting the birthplace of Western culture and Italy - la dolce vita.

While these countries stand as the hallmarks of Europe, they are just the tip of the Nordic iceberg, literally. The Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway plus Finland and Iceland boast a fascinating Viking heritage and plenty of swoonworthy scenery and cool culture - pardon the pun! The former Eastern Bloc countries and Russia offer a fascinating glimpse of imperial traditions and ultra-modern metropolises. And Germany and the Netherlands have an enviable mix of world-famous festivals, world-class sights and unmissable experiences. Oktoberfest and King's Day are must-dos!

From the lively countries of the Iberian peninsula to the charming towns of the Balkans, Europe is a smorgasbord of culture and charisma. Choose your own adventure in this diverse continent with our Europe holidays.


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