Frankfurt Transport Guide

Frankfurt is well known for its massive airport, which is the third largest in Europe handling over 56 million passengers each year. Getting around town is a breeze too, with the city’s efficient public transport network and plenty of places to hire a car or a bicycle.

How to get around Frankfurt

Not only is Frankfurt’s airport significant, Frankfurt central station is one of the most important rail hubs in Germany with 1,100 trains connecting Frankfurt to other domestic and international cities. There are also over 700 suburban railway trains that’ll take you all over Frankfurt. As well as trains, the public transport network also includes 8 tram lines and 42 bus lines with 670 stops – so you can get pretty much anywhere in Frankfurt. There’s even night services with most buses operating from 4am to 2am and special night services from 1am to 5am. Because Frankfurt isn’t a massive city, it’s perfect for bike riding. There are also loads of bicycle paths and routes, so it’s safe too. There’s even a 75-kilometre green corridor, which circles the entire city. There are also plenty of places where you can hire a car; just look up ‘Autovemietung’ in the phone book and you’re set. Frankfurt also has a car-sharing service where customers can pick up cars at many locations around the city.