Glasgow Transport Guide

The Glasgow city transport system is well-structured, regular and relatively cheap, so you should have no problems zipping around all the sights. The city boasts an underground network plus bus and railway services with frequent stops, while black taxis are available 24 hours a day to accommodate for custom itineraries. To go further afield, there's train routes to destinations south of Clyde River.

How to get around Glasgow

Walking around Glasgow is the best way to get around and explore the city. If youre off to a specific destination between the West End area and the city, the best method of transport is the underground train, better known as 'the subway'. The subway route is circular and tickets can be purchased per ride or daily. A train usually arrives in under 10 minutes and will stop at 15 destinations along the route. Buses in Glasgow are cheap (although may require exact change) and are great for late-night travel as services run until 4am. Suburban trains run from the centre to almost all destinations south of the River Clyde.