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Home of the Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro, Coolangatta’s Snapper Rocks is one of the most crowded waves in Australia and for good reason – it’s swell! With one of the longest and most consistent point breaks in the world, the former sedate fishing spot is now one of the most popular surfing destinations in Australia.

Once overshadowed by the world-famous Kirra surf spot, the Snapper 'superbank' was formed in Rainbow Bay after sand pumped from the mouth of the Tweed River was dumped to the east of Snapper Rocks from 1995 to keep the route open for shipping. It wasn’t long before the swells came into play breaking over a long distance. The waves generated in this 2 kilometres stretch are considered to be some of the longest, hollowest barrels in the world attracting surfers from all over.

The only downside to having such professional waves on the GC is the limited elbow room. Snapper Rocks is possibly the most crowded wave in Oz where you can check some of the best surfers in the world ripping it up. Don’t be surprised to see local luminaries and Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club members like Stephanie Gilmore, Joel Parkinson or Mick Fanning in the water. And when the swell and wind combine just so, it’s possible to ride the wave down to Kirra – 1km away – for an epic surf. On average, surfers can expect a ride of between 50 to 300 metres.

If you’d prefer to watch others carve it up professionally in the water, since 2002 Snapper Rocks has played host to the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro. Taking place every March, the venue is regarded by industry greats as the ‘funnest, most hi-fi wave on tour’. The best way to get to Snapper Rocks is by car or bus.

Snapper Rocks Road, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

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