Greece Transport Guide

It’s a breeze to get around Greece with heaps of great public transport options including boats, ferries, trains and buses and even by donkey on some car-free islands. You can also go your own way with plenty of places to hire a car or motorbike.

How to get around Greece

There’s one transport option in Greece that’s just as exciting as the attractions. You guessed it, travelling by boat. You can soak up sunshine and before you know it you’re in paradise. There are boats, barges, ferries and sailboats that’ll get you around the Greek Islands. If you want to see heaps of Greek Islands on your trip, make sure you go in the high season as there’ll be reduced voyages in the low season. Another tops way to get around Greece is by bus with routes from Athens to many cities and towns around the country and all the way to Turkey. Bus travel is fairly affordable and comfortable too. You can also take trains around Greece and beyond with daily services to major cities and towns in the country. If you feel like getting behind the wheel, you can do that too with plenty of places to hire a car in Greece. You can even take your car on ferries. Oh, and try not to do the wrong thing on the road, fines are extremely high.