Hawaii’s Magic Isle

Maui.  This fantasy island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean can be described with so many superlatives it’s anyone’s guess as to which one will roll of the tongue first. The Hawaiian ‘Magic Isle’ paradise consistently tops travel polls as one of the most desirable global destinations with beaches described as the best in the world.

Glorious beaches can be found all around the expansive island, which is the second-largest of the 8 Hawaiian islands. Some of the best strips of shoreline can be found on Hamoa - a quiet getaway, Ka'anapali  - one of the most popular beaches on the west side of Maui, and lastly Napili Bay Beach -the place to go for a front-row seat to the most spectacular and Instagram-worthy sunset you will ever see.

Get active on Maui with fun-filled activities such as windsurfing, diving and snorkelling, which are all available from either your resort or through beachside vendors. You can also saddle up for a horse-riding trek in the fields, explore the jungle by jeep or soar through the Upcountry area by zipline.

Haleakala, a large volcanic crater and Maui’s highest peak, sleeps quietly on the south side of the island and can be freely explored within Haleakala National Park. Meaning ‘house of the sun’ in Hawaiian, drive up the long-winding road  to the top and share the moonlike landscape with only a US space observatory base and visitor centres at the summit. Going just before dawn is a magical experience as you’ll catch the sunrise as it lights up the curving horizon above the clouds. 

Maui Island, Hawaii, USA

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