The heart of Hawaii

Oahu is by far the most developed out of the 8 Hawaiian islands that sit snugly together in the Pacific Ocean. Oahu serves as the US state’s centre of government and culture with the Hawaiian capital, Honolulu, on the island. Known locally as ‘The Gathering Place’, it’s also where most of Hawaii’s population lives and offers a mix of native traditions, cosmopolitan city life and beautiful beaches.

Once the stomping ground of Hawaiian royalty, Honolulu’s most popular beach, Waikiki, is now the island’s entertainment centre with hotels, bars, restaurants and shopping centres flanking the strip. Waikiki’s delicate pearly white sand is as pristine as can be as this Hawaiian island proudly accepts nothing short of perfection in all areas.

While attentive bar staff  crown your drink with an umbrella, take the morning to decide whether a spot of surfing is on the agenda in-between a busy schedule of sunbathing, or a visit to the Pearl Harbor memorials or a climb up the Diamond Head crater. With its mix of sparse rural communities, natural beauty and urban living, Oahu offers an experience that can be tailor made for your island wish list.

Just a small exploration outside of your hotel room will yield a pleasant surprise. Hanauma Bay has a collection of stunning volcanic craters submerged under the turquoise waters  just begging to be explored. If the land adventurer inside gets the better of you, Oahu also has a number of tropical forest trails and guided tours to tackle. One of the most popular guided tours takes visitors into the forest high above Pearl Harbor and gives you the opportunity to see an extensive range of wildlife and natural tropical foliage as well as an expansive panorama of the lapping ocean and jutting mountainscape.

Oahu Island, Hawaii, USA

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