Australia’s very own Scotland; Hobart is the whisky capital of Australia. Of the 8 legal distilleries operating in Tasmania, 7 are located in and around Hobart and another under construction. Ready to learn more? Read on.

Visa Requirements

Australian residents can explore the country with no limitations! For most international travellers, a normal holiday visa (eVisitor) permits 3 months’ travel within Australia over a 12-month period. Please be aware this information is only a guideline. For up-to-the-minute visa information, contact your local Embassy or Consulate of Australia.


The currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar. The exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and other currencies fluctuates constantly so it's a good idea to monitor the rate before purchasing cash. For overseas visitors, consider using a credit or debit card or a travel money card for safe spending while you are in Australia. 


If you don’t like cheese, boutique wine, fresh berries, fresh seafood, beer and chocolate, then maybe Tasmania isn’t for you. For everyone else, go taste some freshly shucked oysters at Barilla Bay Oyster Farm at Cambridge, not far from Hobart Airport. Head to Farm Gate Market at the Melville Street carpark on a Sunday and check out Masaaki's sushi – a master of the art of sushi making - along with many other great local vendors selling fresh produce and local delicacies, including the Ice Ice Baby stall that serves snow cones topped with handmade syrups made from native herbs and plants. North Hobart is known as the restaurant strip with pubs, taverns, restaurants and cafes. If you’re after a trendy night out, Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge in the heart of historic Salamanca Place offers good food and great cocktails followed by a boogie on the dancefloor.


If you have an unbridled desire for fun and games, head to The Winston – a pub that specialises in Australian and American beers where you can shoot some pool, play some pinball and listen to live music. The city also has many traditional British pubs - check out Shipwright's Arms, New Sydney Hotel or Customs House Hotel. Sidecar is a hole-in-the-wall bar and a good spot for an afternoon tipple and maybe even some share plates for supper, or head for Hobart’s most famous pub, Knoppies, which has been serving ales to seadogs since the convict era. Barcelona, in Salamanca Square, has over 60 local and imported beers, an impressive wine list and great outdoor seating, while Republic Bar & Cafe in North Hobart is where all the latest touring indie music acts come to play. The bar has a loyal local following, great food and a pumping beer garden.

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