Hong Kong Transport Guide

Getting around Hong Kong is a pretty simple and fun experience whether you’re enjoying the cheap Star Ferry trip across the harbour or trundling along on the iconic, narrow double-decker trams. If you’re on foot, the world’s longest outdoor escalator will take you from Central through Soho to the Mid-Levels.

How to get around Hong Kong

Technically a group of islands, the best way to get from island to island or to the New Territories is by ferry including the famous Star Ferry from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. On land, Hong Kong has a fast and sophisticated public transport system of buses, Mass Transit Railway (MTR) underground and suburban trains, taxis and trams. The pre-paid Octopus card allows travel on all methods of public transport, including some taxis which are relatively cheap and plentiful. The compact nature of Hong Kong means getting around on foot is easy and efficient too.