Ireland Basic Information

You know that St Patrick you claim allegiance to once a year (because you’re an eighth Irish)? Did you know he was actually a Brit? In the 5th century he was kidnapped from Britain by Irish pirates. For 6 years he was forced into slavery, tending to sheep and in this time he found religion. He later escaped back to Britain, but after having visions, he returned to Ireland to teach the people Christianity. And how do the Irish celebrate the life of this saint? With a drink, of course! Join in on the festivities every year on March 17. Want to know more about Ireland? Read on.

Visa Requirements

Raise your pint of Guinness, because we’ve got good news! Australian passport holders looking to visit the Republic of Ireland for no longer than 28 days do not require a visa. If you are planning on staying longer than 28 days, or looking to study or work in Ireland, then you will need to apply for a visa before you travel. Your type and length of study or work will determine what type of visa you can apply for. Please be aware that this information is only a guideline. For up-to-the-minute visa information, contact your local Embassy or Consulate of Ireland.


The currency used in the Republic of Ireland is the Euro, which is also used in most European Union countries. The exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and the Euro fluctuates constantly, so it's a good idea to monitor the rate before purchasing cash. For safe spending while overseas, consider bringing a credit card or prepaid travel money card with you. 


You could say Ireland is the home of comfort food. Lovely Irish lamb stews, hearty steak and Guinness pie, slow-cooked corned beef and cabbage plus potato with pretty much everything. When it’s cold out, it’s enough to warm the belly to be sure! A lesser-known traditional dish outside of Ireland is Dublin coddle - put this dish on your food itinerary. This traditional supper of bacon, Irish sausage, potatoes and onions is a hotpot that dates back to the 18th century. It’s said to have been the favourite dish of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ author Jonathan Swift, and it’s lovely served with a little authentic Irish soda bread. And of course, you’d have to wash it all down with a Guinness. Finish with an Irish coffee and a jig. You’re an eighth Irish, remember?