Italy Transport Guide

Whether you want to make like Audrey Hepburn in ‘Roman Holiday’ and scoot around town or take public transport around the many cities, you can travel by boat, train, bus, bike, taxi or bicycle in Italy.

How to get around Italy

You can reach cities all over Italy with cheap bus, ferry and train services. If you’re travelling long distances, there are domestic flights available too. Other than public transport, there’s also plenty of places where you can hire a car, motorbike or scooter. Planning on island hopping? If you’re travelling to Sicily or Sardinia, you can take one of the larger ferries, the Navi. For travel to smaller islands, you’ll take aliscafi (hydrofoils) and traghetti (smaller ferries). Many services also offer overnight cabin accommodation. To travel between cities in Italy, trains are a great value transport option. Regionale and interregionale trains stop at all stations, while faster trains like the Eurostar and Intercity trains only stop at major cities. Long-distance buses, while not cheaper than trains, are often necessary to reach smaller towns. Within the major Italian cities of Rome, Naples and Milan, you also find bus and metro services too.