Jakarta Transport Guide

Getting around Jakarta can be challenging - the city layout is chaotic and the traffic is undeniably the worst in Southeast Asia with horrendous traffic jams that bring traffic to a halt during rush hour. Car hire is ill advised unless you also hire a local driver. Most tourists travel by taxi as they’re cheap and easy to hail – just be patient during peak hour.

How to get around Jakarta

There are a large number of bus (bis) companies servicing routes in Jakarta. Bajaj are 3-wheel rickshaws that hold 2 passengers and are a common form of local transport in Jakarta - negotiate your fare before you get in and if there are 2 passengers, make sure the fare covers both passengers; otherwise there could be some confusion when you come to pay. Mikrolets are cheap minibuses and angkot are small vans that service the smaller back streets, however taxis are the safest way to get around town. As far as public transport system goes, there are official MetroMini buses and TransJakarta is a rapid bus system that operates in special lanes to try to avoid congestion. A subway system is planned to revolutionise the city’s transport issues, but for now a commuter rail line helps lighten the load on the roads.