Things to do in Japan

Are you ready for the super-fantastic happiest time of your life? Hai! There’s simply so much to keep you busy in Japan. For just a little taste of what this delicious country has to offer, you’re going to need at least 3 weeks. If you’re a fan of Japanese anime or manga, this won’t just be a holiday, more of a pilgrimage. A couple of must-sees include Ghibli Museum in Tokyo and the Manga Museum in Kyoto. For the Ghibli Museum, you’ll need to buy your tickets before you leave Australia if you don’t want to miss the Cat Bus – a super-sized plush cat bus character from ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. It’s super popular all year round.

Snowboarders and skiers will be in powder heaven in Japan. There’s some of the best snow in the world on the island of Hokkaido and the snow is pretty epic in Nagano too, where the Winter Olympics has been held. And the best thing about skiing in Japan? Kicking off your boots at the end of the day and having a long soak in an onsen.

There’s cultural experiences at every turn too – countless shrines and temples to see, sumo matches, tea ceremonies, samurai museums and war history sites too. World War II history buffs will love the beautiful city of Hiroshima. It’s hard to believe it was flattened by an atomic bomb. And we haven’t even mentioned the stunning scenery, cherry blossom season and traditional buildings dotted around the landscape.

The cities will also keep you occupied 24/7 – shopping in Tokyo, shrines and temples in Kyoto, and history in Japan’s first capital city, Osaka. There’s no place in the world like Tokyo. Part futuristic city, part economic powerhouse, part party central. If you’re bored in Tokyo, you’re bored with life. For our pick of the top things to see and do in Japan, read on.

Tokyo Disneyland

Make your inner child squeal with joy at Tokyo Disneyland. It’s everything you love about the regular Disneyland with a Japanese twist.


Welcome to sub-culture central, fashion hotspot and the home of the snap-worthy Harajuku girls – the cosplay babes with seriously rockin’ looks – in Tokyo.

Osaka Aquarium

Located in Osaka, it's the largest and arguably the best aquarium in the world with an epic display of marine life across 15 tanks.

Himeji Castle

Widely regarded as the best castle in Japan, Himeji Castle has never been destroyed in war, natural disasters or fires, so you’ll still see it in its original form.

Mount Fuji

Rising 3,776 metres into the sky, Mount Fuji is a perfectly shaped volcano that’s been considered a sacred mountain in Japan for centuries.