Jordan Transport Guide

If you fancy being part of a camel caravan, the deserts of Jordan are ready to whisk you away on a four-legged adventure. If this doesn’t take your fancy, you can always travel along the edge of the desert onboard a World War I vintage steam train similar to those under siege during the Great Arab Revolt.

How to get around Jordan

Jordan’s cities are small on a world scale and while main roads and points of interests are well-known, addresses for smaller establishments and lesser known sites aren’t always easy to navigate to on your own. The best method of transportation in Jordan is by taxi, which are overall convenient and inexpensive even between towns. There are white or shared taxis with fixed routes as well as private yellow taxis whose drivers generally speak English —  agree on a price before you take off and local etiquette dictates adding a little extra to the agreed amount upon payment. Another comfortable option is tour buses, which can be arranged from most hotels and tour operators or before you go via Universal Traveller. It’s possible to hire a car, but car accidents do happen regularly so express caution.