Introduction to Las Vegas

You know the saying - "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". There's a reason for it. One minute you're playing a colourfully illuminated slot machine, the next you're getting married at 3am under the supervision of an Elvis impersonator. Such is the lure of Las Vegas. A parallel universe where clocks are nowhere to be seen, time is irrelevant and the party never stops. There's a reason they call it Sin City. It's just up to you to discover why - within reason (and the law).

One reason probably has to do with its location. A golden city found within the arid Nevada Desert. Despite its desolate setting, Las Vegas is equipped as a mini world in one. The Las Vegas Strip beams with exotic landmarks recreating Paris, Venice and New York, albeit glitzier versions, while casinos put on all the bells, whistles and fountains to entice passersby into gambling a buck or two.

While much of Las Vegas is about blackjack, limos and debauchery, that's not all there is on offer. There's neon museums dedicated to the days of Vegas past, ample shopping to spend your winnings on, sold-out shows featuring Celine Dion and Britney Spears, around 9 Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas that are exclusive to Vegas, plus rides and rafts for when all you can afford is a cheap thrill. When the glitter strip gets too much, head to the shopping outlets, or even further to the desert national parks where arid landscapes and craggy boulders are in stark contrast to the air-conditioned creature comforts of iconic hotels.

Whatever floats your boat, just remember that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


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