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The Mob Museum is conveniently situated in one of Las Vegas’ most prominent former courthouses, which has stood here since 1933. The building has been extensively restored to its former glory and the museum, which opened in 2012, is now dedicated to the relationship between prolific organised crime syndicates and the band of law enforcers hot on their heels both within Las Vegas and the United States at large.

Looking at the modern Vegas skyline today it is hard to believe that only 30 years ago the majority of the strip’s casinos were either owned or heavily influenced by the mob. The $42 million museum features interactive exhibits and artifacts linked to the most notorious gangsters in Vegas and inform visitors of the group’s inner workings and how their crimes impacted the area and the country.

The most notable and valuable exhibit to look out for in the Mob Museum is a section of the wall made  infamous after the St Valentine’s Day Massacre in Prohibition-era Chicago in 1929. The grim blood-stained wall was the backdrop for one of the worst and most blatant gang-on- gang executions ever committed with 7 mob associates killed. South Side Italian gang boss Al Capone, who was never convicted for masterminding the killings, was then thrust into the celeb-gangster scene.

There’s also an exhibit dealing with Las Vegas’ role as Sin City and how the desert town became a beacon and a playground of American organised crime in the 1950s. Head to the Mob Museum official website for up-to-date ticket information and  to find out about special events that take place here throughout the year.

300 Stewart Avenue East, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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