Introduction to Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the pulse of Slovenia. Cute and compact, it’s a mini city on a cocktail of culture, history and hidden fun-time haunts, cultivating a bustling population of students and tourists. Ljubljana isn’t renowned for its internationally renowned monuments or postcard icons; this capital does things differently. Would you rather be famous for a big mound of concrete or a riotous good time? Leave the checklist at home.

Ljubljana is not London, Greece or Prague-lite; the culture here is authentic and unpackaged. A 10-kilometre stretch encases a cache of unexpected sights, museums, architecture, castles, shopping and an energetic nightlife for those who brave the winter.

Footsore and weary from travelling? Take a boat ride on Ljubljanica Kanal spotting Roman remnants here and there before they melt into the romantic architecture of the celebrated architect Jože Plečnik, the father of 20th-century Ljubljana design.

Ljubljana is overflowing with fresh ingredients and taste experiments. After one meal, you’ll be hooked – it’s been said Ljubljana does pizza better than Italy. If there’s a fish option, try it at least once. Good wine is in abundance and the alfresco culture continues to boom long past summer. The elements never stop Ljubljana from having a good time as restaurateurs bring blankets to their customers and light grand heating lamps in the colder seasons. After you’ve consumed your body weight, pack a daypack and head out, burning off last night’s calories with a long walk in the beautiful surrounds or stay local in Tivoli Park.   

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