Ljubljana will put you on notice. It’s that kind of city - small and comfortable, unashamedly daring and big on fun. Good times, dancefloor fun, private tours and big groups - the kind of enjoyment reserved for special weekends. Where should you go? What should you eat? Find out below.

Visa Requirements

Australian passport holders can travel around Slovenia for up to 90 days without registering for a visa. Check your passport has at least 6 months’ validity for the duration of your holiday. This information is a general guideline only; contact the Embassy of Slovenia in Canberra for further visa advice.


Slovenia uses the Euro. The exchange rate between the Euro and Australian Dollar varies regularly so swap your cash when the rate is at its best. Always let your bank or credit card company know you’re travelling before you leave for security reasons.


Ljubljana hides a thriving food culture beneath its Baroque facades and clay roofs. No matter where you turn, you’ll always feel hungry. Soak up a hearty goulash (a meat, vegetable and noodle stew) or try a delicious burek, Slovenia’s take on the humble meat pie with mince or cheese in doughy pastry. Kill time at one of the many cafes and savour the delectable evapčiči – grilled meatballs, flatbread, onions and kajmak (butter/cream cheese), or take a chance on something a little bit different. Really different. Horse lovers should stop reading for a moment. The Hot Horse is an electric corner kiosk doling up the juiciest horse burgers your tongue has ever met. Do you like a fine slice of equine? Experiment with a pony steak at Figovec or a horsemeat risotto at Šestica.


The nightlife in Ljubljana brings down the house from dusk ‘til dawn, starting on the stools of a local pizzeria (pizza is everywhere) until you can go no longer. Keep it simple the first time out and descend into the trendsetting basement of AREST, an underground hotspot dedicated to good music and copious cocktails. Club Top adds a touch of class to your itinerary, sporting slick decor, vivid city views and delicious drinks – try the beer, it won’t set you back much.  Pr’Skelet is perfect for the alternative crowd with skeletons, horrific murals and terrifying posters. Dank and dark without the ever-present crowd of night owls, this basement bar will thrill your palate with over 180 cocktails. 

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