Ljubljana Currency Guide


Ljubljana uses the Euro.


ATMs are almost everywhere in Ljubljana including at bus stations, hotels, shopping centres, post offices, shopping districts, cafes and clubs. English prompts are common, although don’t rely on buttons being similar- take note of clear (popravek), cancel (prekinitev) and enter (podrditev). Translation services won’t always be available - keep an eye out for Abanka and SKB Banka ATMs.


It’s always a good idea to have cash on hand when travelling. Euros are available to pre-purchase from Travel Money Oz before you fly, or in Ljubljana, exchange merchants are easy to find - post offices offer the lowest commission. 

Travel Cards

If you'd like the security that a credit card offers while travelling without the risk of racking up debt, consider purchasing a pre-paid cash travel card. Cash Passports allow you to load your money in the form of Euros and other currencies onto the card. Your money can then be accessed at various ATMS and used wherever MasterCard is accepted. The Cash Passport card has both a security pin and signature required for safe spending.