Ljubljana Weather Guide

Ljubljana welcomes all 4 seasons with balmy summers, white winters and liberal lashings of rain. Thick fog and consistent downpours dominate much of the year, breaking up fine weather, cold weather and everything in between.

Summer: June to August

The true charm of Ljubljana shines through during the summer months as the city is kept fresh and clean by constant showers. A daily shower should be expected. Humidity floats across June and July as sticky days herald rumbling thunderstorms and oceanic fronts clash with the surrounding geography. Sunseekers should drop in around late June and most of July for the fine weather and over 9 hours of sunlight.

Average temperatures: 23 - 26 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, shorts, pants, dresses and jeans.
Don't forget: An umbrella.

Autumn: September to November

Say goodbye to sparkling days and greetings to a blanket of humidity. Autumn in Ljubljana is neither mild nor freezing, balancing somewhere between the two for much of September and the start of October. With fog and frequent rainstorms, don’t expect to see much sun as daylight hours can dwindle down in October and November. A frost soon swallows the city as winter approaches.

Average temperatures: 1 - 16 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Long-sleeve tops, pants, waterproof jackets and jeans.
Don't forget: A scarf or wrap for extra warmth.

Winter: December to February

Ljubljana in winter is both beautiful and freaking freezing. With colours like blues, whites, slithers of purple tints and solid ice, the mantle of snow does not melt away completely until mid-April – that’s a long thaw. Rain is replaced by frequent snowfall and a whip of wind from the coast stirs up dense fog cover. Snow bunnies should head for ski resorts only 40 minutes from town.

Average temperatures: -4 - 2 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Long-sleeve tops, thermal gear, snow pants, waterproof jackets and jeans.
Don't forget: Extra layers for sleep. 

Spring: March to May

We have a thing for spring in Ljubljana. Smooth temperatures, little rain and a marked increase in daylight hours start to poke the rest of Slovenia into life. Dry, warm and fresh, the nights take exception to this new mantra, maintaining a respectable chill at around 5 degrees until May.

Average temperatures: 12- 17 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Clothes for layering – long-sleeve tops, thermal gear and jeans.
Don't forget: Gloves and waterproof shoes.