The home of the royal family

A trip to London is incomplete without seeing where the Royal family reside. Although don't get your hopes up about seeing the Queen. Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence since 1837, but the Queen isn't always there and rarely makes public appearances.

None the less the palace is a sight to behold, with tours available at select times, often during August through to September when the Queen makes her yearly visit to Scotland. All up the Palace is comprised of a whopping 775 rooms; 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 78 bathrooms, 92 offices and more. Many of these rooms house not only the Royal family, but also their numerous staff.

One of the palace's most significant rooms is the Throne Room, where formal wedding photographs are often captured. The biggest room in the palace is the Ballroom, measuring 36.6 metres long, 18 metres wide and 13.5 metres high.

In addition to tours of the palace, one of the most popular tourists attractions is the palace's changing of the guard. The official ceremony includes marching guards with bands and takes place on various days depending on the season.

Address: London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom

Tube Station: St James's Park

London SW1A 1AA,United Kingdom

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