Introduction to Los Cabos

Forget Cancun and head to Los Cabos. This is where the rich and famous rub shoulders with your average holidaymaker in a laidback tropical paradise for 365 sunny days a year. Brad and Angie did it and there’s no reason why you can’t venture to the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula and do it too. And let’s not forget the parties, finally an appropriate time to use the word ‘epic’ …

This Los Cabos think resorts, endless beaches, desert and cacti and lush mountains that overlook the Sea of Cortez. Los Cabos, which means ‘the capes’, is actually two very different places. And if history is correct, it was once ruled by beautiful Amazonian-like women. ‘Born’ in 1730, San Jose del Cabo, better known as San Jose, is the older, cultured sister and former missionary town of little sister Cabo San Lucas (Cabo). Cabo is a fishermans village turned American holiday destination of the 1950s.

Enjoy the best of San Jose and Carbo, be in exploring the arts and crafts of cobblestone streets or surfing at beaches like Zippers in the former or with many a gringo aboard boats, sunbaking at Lover’s and Divorce beaches (take your pick) and partying at the latter. The towns are only separated by 30-plus kilometres of beach after all. There’s plenty of water activities, from snorkeling and glass bottom boats to seal and whale watching to keep you occupied in between tequilas, margaritas and fresh ceviche.

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