Introduction to Luxembourg

When they say good things come in small packages, they could be talking about beautiful Luxembourg. At just 84 kilometres long, the landlocked western European country is home to the scenery of fairy tales with rolling green castle dotted countryside, quaint and steep wineries set along the Moselle Valley and the city is a study in dramatic geography perched upon a cliff top with modern, sleek architecture and fascinating preserved historical sites.

Historically, Luxembourg was known to be in almost permanent siege mode as it acted as a go- between for its European neighbours. Today, you will find a country rich in natural wonders with cities steeped and preserved in historical significance. Luxembourg is home to the spectacular forests of the Ardennes mountain ranges and the Moselle and Meuse River basins. The city itself which grew from a 10th century fortress is perched on a cliff which sits high above green gorges and rolling hills and connected by an extensive bridge system. It’s home to some of the world’s best restaurants, contemporary galleries and a fun nightlife that sees revellers line the streets and laneway with drinks in hand in the summer months. Save your money before you travel as the city is known to be on the expensive side.

Beyond the city you’ll find a series of small villages grouped together beneath medieval castles which you can explore on the 640 km of well-marked, long-distance cycle. Within the city, a historic walk takes tourists through cobbled streets to churches, towers and palaces and other historical sites. You can also imagine yourself in an ancient siege while you tour a spell-binding collection of tunnels cut into stone cliffs, or take your photo at the Chemin de la Corniche which is a platform overlooking the valley known as Europe's most beautiful balcony.

Luxembourg, experience your own European fairy tale.

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