Things to do in Macau

Sure you can blow a bunch of money in Macau’s casinos but you can also find a load of tourist activities in the city that won’t cost you one Pataca. The centre of Macau is a World Heritage Site teeming with churches, temples and forts – almost all with free entry. The ruins of St Paul’s are one of most famous landmarks of the city, be sure to visit the Museum of Sacred Art and the crypt to the rear of the site. The pavilions at A-Ma Temple are free, as is Guia Fort with its lavish frescos - wander the streets and admire the Neo-Classical buildings around Senado Square.

A-Ma Temple is seriously old and worth a visit. Constructed in 1488 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it’s the oldest temple in Macau and was built to commemorate Mazu the Chinese goddess of the sea, who blesses the fishermen and seafarers of the city. The temple is built along the cliffs and is reached by foot. Here, you’ll find incredible views and the perfect place to sit back, reflect, and watch the world go by.

With 5 times the gambling revenue than Las Vegas, there’s no doubt a lot of poker face goes on here. For most people who come to Macau however, it’s all about the baccarat – not the blackjack or Texas Hold’em. Baccarat is a card game usually reserved for high rollers and James Bond types but here in Macau, it’s the game of choice. The number 8 is lucky for Chinese and you’ll no doubt see plenty of goldfish around the place – also good luck!

For our top places to go in Macau, read on.

The Venetian Macao

Gamble your luck and holiday dosh at super-opulent The Venetian Macao – the largest hotel resort in Asia and one of the world’s biggest casinos. Remember: red is lucky in Chinese cultures!

Macau Tower

Ready for a view that’ll take your breath away? Climb the mast or bungee jump from Macau Tower – the 10th tallest freestanding tower in the world. Or just take the lift to the observation deck.

Ruins of St Paul’s

Considered Macau’s most famous site, the Ruins of St Paul’s symbolises Christianity in Asia with European and Asian influences and history blending together in the perfect East meets West synchronicity.

Senado Square

Get amongst it all in the World Heritage Listed Senado Square – your paved gateway to shopping, sightseeing, community, culture and eating in Macau.

Coloane Island

For a glimpse of the colonial Macau of yesteryear, head to the region’s smaller island of Coloane for cobblestone streets, old fishing vessels and those famous Portuguese egg custard tarts.