Introduction to Malaysia

Malaysia, the gateway realm into Asia and one of the top 10 most visited destinations in the world. The country has a population of 30 million people, which is swiftly rising each year. While combining the delightful cultural features of neighbouring Singapore and Thailand, Malaysia adds its own unique twist making itself a standalone nation.

In constant development and driving forward modern innovation, Malaysia is reaching out to millions of visitors every year with a range of premier tourist attractions. In some developed areas it has become a luxurious holiday destination while in others, rural landscapes remain just a stone’s throw off the beaten track. Seeing both sides of Malaysia is a must to truly gain a well-rounded insight into the day-to-day life of locals. From beaches to lush forests, thriving cities, temples and caves – this Asian country has it all.

Home to fantastic shopping plazas, a wide variety of delectable cuisines and elite nightclubs, Malaysia has an infrastructure in place to compete with the likes of Dubai as a first-class holiday destination. Flying into Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport is an experience in itself, unsurprisingly known to be one of the most impressive displays of port architecture in the world. Meticulously preserved colonial architecture also lies in wait for keen travelling historians, while Penang has a strong influence from the longstanding and previous British presence in the city. Georgetown is listed as a World Heritage site ensuring its protection for many years to come. This is the place to go for all things arty - be sure to see the city hall and the Chinese Khoo Kongsi clan temple.

In addition to sites, Malaysia also offers a range of experiences from adrenalin-pumping whitewater rafting and cliff diving to stress-depleting spa days in Penang and a wealth of priceless colonial World Heritage sites. In addition to the sights, it’s the local people that will make your fantastic holiday an even better one. From welcoming street stall hawkers to premier hotel style, service in Malaysia is a standout. 

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