Marrakech Transport Guide

Do you know the difference between a grande taxi and a petit taxi?  A grande taxi is a shared taxi service generally for traveling outside of cities whereas a petit taxi, often cheaper, is a personal taxi for travelling within Marrakech. Know the difference and don’t find yourself paying for every seat in a grande taxi.

How to get around Marrakech

Local petit taxis are the best option and most affordable way to get around Marrakech. They are available only in cities and differ to the cramped style of the grande taxis that offer a shared service to take you further afield. You can walk some areas, like the old town (it’s a labyrinth so take a map or even a guide) or even catch a calèche or horse-drawn cart for a one-way trip within the medina (old town) quarter. Trains are the most popular method of transport outside of cities and both lines (from Tangier in the north and Oujda in the northeast) travel to Marrakech. There’s also local buses, which can get you from the medina to the train station and to Menara Gardens.