Introduction to Mexico

Once the land of the Mayans, Aztecs and the Olmecs, Mexico is now a country for everybody. A full-blown holiday destination spanning 2 million square kilometres and just as many unique experiences. Despite the possibilities, many fail to see the breadth of Mexico's potential, choosing to keep to the coastline all wrapped up in the safety of their resort package.

And while a Cancun spring break will be one of the biggest parties you'll ever attend, there's more to Mexico than wet t-shirts and frat boys. Just past the beaches and beer-soaked playgrounds is a whole raft of historic sites in the Yucatan Peninsula like the famous and oft-photographed Chichen Itza pyramid site and Ik-Kil sacred cenote that are both part of the Il-Kil Archaelogical Park. And look past the famous smog of Mexico City to find a vibrant and architecturally hip capital where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera once resided.

Mexico is spicy, colourful and rich with tradition. It's home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the archaeological zone of Paquime and the ancient Maya city of Clakmul. Natural wonders also abound in Mexico from underwater caves to canyon systems and expansive reefs. The country's surreal cenotes prove magical swimming spots, as do the surrounding beaches of Tulum, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. The resort town of Acapulco was once the stomping ground of famous Hollywood stars like the Rat Pack and Elvis Presley and its legacy lingers on today with classic hotels and classy bars.

But above all, it's the people and culture of Mexico that will stay with you long after your Cancun tan has faded. The smell of spices wafting from kitchens, the sound of children playing everywhere, the warm embrace of locals — Mexico is a country for everybody.


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