Things to do in Mexico City

No visit to Mexico City is complete without laying your eyes upon Mexican artist Diego Rivera’s legendary murals. If you only see one, make it Rivera's take on Mexican history in the Palacio Nacional.

We’ve mentioned mariachi and salsa already, but how could we forget lucha libre! Head to Arena Mexico to watch the wrestling professionals slam it out  and be sure to pick up a glittery coloured mask to take home as a souvenir. We’ve also talked about tequila, but its compadre spirit, mezcal, is on the rise in Mexico City with many mezcalerias popping up all over the city - the Condesa neighbourhood’s La Botica mezcaleria is a local favourite.

Colonia Roma is the new hip neighbourhood – get your cultural fix in art galleries, bookshops and cafes while rubbing shoulders with Mexico’s hippest. It's easy to pass hours wandering through Chapultepec Park, Mexico City’s version of Central Park, picking up a snack of chilli-coated papaya along the way. The massive park is divided into 3 sections and is home to many of the capital’s top tourist attractions including Chapultepec Castle, the Modern Art Museum and National Museum of Anthropology and even the city zoo. In fact, Mexico City has the most museums in the world with over 160 different institutions, almost all of which are free on Sundays!

For shopping, Mexico City’s marketplaces are scattered all over the city and you’ll find craft bazaars, art markets and flower markets along with vintage and antiques stalls. All of these shopping spots are never too far away from a taco stand to fuel you up and keep you shopping til you’re ready for a margarita.

For more must-dos in Mexico City, check out our recommendations below.


As one of the largest public squares in the world, you can't miss the Plaza de la Constitution, or as it's better known, Zócalo. The beating heart of Mexico City is the spot to start your sightseeing assault on the capital.


Lying just northeast of the city centre, visit the archeaological ruins of the Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan and its pyramids for a glimpse of what was once one of the biggest pre-Columian cities in the Americas.

Plaza Mexico

Whatever your stance on bullfighting, Plaza de Toros Mexico City is the epicentre of the Spanish tradition in the capital with the largest bullfight arena in the world - capable of seating 45,000 spectators.


Ride a technicolour dream boat on Mexico City's southside barrio of Xochimilco through the ancient network of canals built by the Aztecs. Take in the markets, sample the nosh and enjoy the colourful spectable and atmosphere.

Frida Kahlo Museum

Famous for her self-portraits, Frida Kahlo was Mexico's first lady of art. Check out her former abode in Mexico City, that's now a museum dedicated to her work and life, to gain an insight into the famous creative and her bohemian lifestyle.