Mexico City Transport Guide

Mexico City’s metro is the largest in Latin America and the cheapest in the world, making it possible for over 4 million people to use every day. For a metropolis of such vast proportions, Mexico City is really easy to get around.

How to get around Mexico City

Out with the old and in with the new - gone are the days of Mexico City’s iconic green VW Beetle taxis.  Instead, sort of like hiring a driver, Turismo taxis are the safest way to travel within Mexico City. During your travels in and around Mexico City, you’ll become familiar with Avenida de los Insurgentes - one of the longest avenues in the world. The subway covers the metropolis almost around the clock - be careful of pickpockets, though. Bikes are available to hire from several places throughout the city and are often quicker and more pleasant than taking public transport. Above ground, peseros (small buses) will get you from A to B. Due to heavy traffic and high rates of car theft, it’s not recommended to rent a car in Mexico City.