Morocco Transport Guide

Do you know the difference between a grande taxi and a petit taxi in Morocco? A grande taxi is a shared taxi service generally for travelling outside of cities whereas a petit taxi, often cheaper, is a personal taxi for getting around within cities. Know the difference and don’t wind up paying for every seat in a grande taxi.

How to get around Morocco

You can get to Morocco by sea, land or air, depending on where you are coming from. While it’s relatively straightforward to take your own car to Morocco, hiring a car can be an expensive affair. Trains are the most popular method of transport as they are reliable, fast and comfortable compared to other modes of transport. There are 2 main lines in operation. The line from Tangier in the north (where you will arrive if you are coming via sea from Spain) goes to Marrakech, while the line from Oujda in the northeast also travels to Marrakech. The lines meet at Sidi Kacem. Some people opt for one of the many private bus companies, which provide access to most of the country and link to train stations to extend the network. Local petits taxis are available only in cities and differ to the cramped style of the grande taxis that offer a share service to take you further afield.