Morocco Weather Guide

Experiencing 4 distinct seasons, Morocco is a country best visited during spring and autumn for optimal weather, but the North African country is still popular all year round, especially during summer.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

It gets super hot in places like Marrakech, Fes and the southwest of Morocco (near the desert) during summer. Escape the heat in places like Tangier, Essaouira and Rabat thanks to the cool ocean breeze. Be prepared for crowds and surf is not bad this time of year either. July or August is the annual fasting month of Ramadan and many things are closed, so be prepared to observe the local customs and be respectful in public areas. Summer festivals here include the Gnawa World Music Festival and Fes Festival of World Sacred Music.

Autumn: September to November

The strong bite of the sun eases to make autumn one of the best times of the year to visit most parts of the country, especially popular places like Marrakech where it’s a much more pleasant experience to explore the medinas. Snow starts to fall on the Atlas Mountains at the end of autumn and continues until July. Feeling romantic? Celebrate with up to 40 couples who will get hitched at the same time at the Berber Imilchil Marriage Feast.

Winter: December to February

The nights are very chilly during Moroccan winters, particularly in areas like the Rif Mountains where there’s snow. Head south for warmer weather or embrace the cold and ski near Marrakech at Oukaimeden. There are plenty of surf camps and even a surf festival to take advantage of the awesome Atlantic breaks.

Spring: March to May

Spring is a great time to visit Morocco. No longer cold and not yet hot, the foliage comes out and brings some greenery to the country. March offers perfect conditions for visiting the Sahara Desert as well as the Atlas Mountains. It’s also a great season to visit places like Marrakech, Fes and their surrounding attractions. The small town of El Kelaa M’Gouna hosts a popular rose festival during spring, or head to the Sahara for the endurance-filled Sand Marathon.