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Synonymous with Moscow, the Kremlin, meaning 'fortress', is a massive site consisting of a group of significant buildings located in the Red Square, which is considered the so-called 'Heart of Russia'. It's a not-to-be-missed destination in the Russian capital and infused with history, architecture and culture.

The main building of the 19th-century Great Kremlin Palace, or Bolshoi Kremlyovsky Dvorets to give the edifice its full title, is formerly the residence of tsars and grand dukes. Other buildings onsite include the 17th-century Terem (Tower Chamber) where the tsarina would receive guests. Both buildings are currently closed to the public. There's also the 1961-era Gosudarstvenny Kremlyovsky Dvorets or State Kremlin Palace, which was originally built for Communist Party delegates from around the Soviet Union to meet. It's now used for concerts, fashion shows and ballet as well as being associated with the Bolshoi Theatre.

The historic heart of the Kremlin is Ploshchad Sobornaya (Cathedral Square) with 3 cathedrals, the octagonal Ivan the Great Bell Tower (the tallest structure in the Kremlin) and the Palace of the Facets. A changing of the guard ceremony takes place here at 12pm during the summertime. There are also several onsite churches that a worth a look inside. The early 16th-century gilded 5-domed Cathedral of the Archangel is where most of the Muscovite monarchs lie, while the 15th-century Cathedral of the Dormition is where all the tsars were crowned.

Don't miss Orusheynaya Palata (Armoury Chamber). The Kremlin's oldest and most sumptuous museum contains over 4,000 artifacts dating back to the 12th century and includes the famed Faberge eggs, gold and silver items and ornate and embellished vestments - to name just a few of the treasures inside. To get to the Kremlin, the closest metro station is Aleksandrovsky Sad.

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