Moscow Transport Guide

To cover a city of 880 square kilometres, Moscow has a comprehensive public transport system with the metro, bus, tram and eco-friendly electric trolleybus services as well as privately run marshrutka or minibus taxis and official metered and price-negotiable taxis.

How to get around Moscow

Moscow is a massive city, but most attractions are located around central Moscow and easily accessible on foot. To cover greater distances, the famous Moscow metro is the way to go with extensive, efficient and relatively inexpensive services and well worth the trip to see the amazing underground decor. Make sure you grab a metro map with Cyrillic letters and the English transliteration as station signs are generally only in Russian. Buses and trolleybuses are at the mercy of the city traffic so it’s best to use these services for suburban travel only. Trams are also generally only found on the city outskirts. The marshrutka is Moscow’s answer to the rush-hour overcrowding situation on public transport. These minibus taxis seat up to 20 people and are best for quick trips to the suburbs as they follow the bus routes. In Russia, any car can be a taxi and it’s a Russian tradition to offer rides to strangers for a fee. Many Muscovites simply hold out their hand by their hip, jump in the first car that stops and negotiate a price. For non Russian-speaking visitors, it’s best to stick to official metered taxis, which are still reasonably priced by European standards.