Munich Transport Guide

Munich has an efficient and effective public transport network consisting of the S-Bahn (overground rail), U-Bahn (underground), trams, buses and metered taxis. Traffic can be crazy during peak times, so it’s best to explore Munich on foot, by bicycle or on public transport.

How to get around Munich

Due to its compact nature, the best and easiest way to explore central Munich is on foot. The city centre is also where you’ll find most of the main tourist attractions and shopping areas. Cycling is another good option to get around the city with over 200 kilometres of bike paths traversing the city centre, parks and along the river. The DB Call-A-Bike system allows you to hire a public bicycle by calling to unlock its code. Public transport is your best bet to get to the outer areas. The MVV ticket system can be used on the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams and buses (including night buses). Taxis are also plentiful and can be flagged on the street or from taxi stands.