Nairobi Transport Guide

Getting around Nairobi can be a challenge due to the inadequate information available about the existing public transport system, and then there’s the irresponsible behaviour of most public transport operators in the city to contest with. If in doubt, take a taxi or matatus - the easiest means of getting around Nairobi.

How to get around Nairobi

Nairobi has an effective municipal bus service, but there are also hundreds of matatus (minibuses) around the city. Boda-bodas (2-wheeled bicycle taxis) or tuk-tuks (3-wheeled motorbike taxis) are cheaper and usually easier to catch than a standard taxi, but you shouldn’t have any trouble hailing a regular 4-door cab down in Nairobi. The commuter train service is available on 4 different lines serving a limited number of areas in the city, but it only runs during peak hours and only on weekdays. There are plenty of hire car companies however rental rates here are among the highest in the world and driving in Nairobi is pretty sketchy – police bribes are not uncommon and the biggest danger on the road isn’t a rogue elephant but the other drivers.