Netherlands Transport Guide

Public transport in Holland is hassle-free. You can journey around the country by rail, car or bus and the country’s flat terrain also makes it perfect for bike riding. 

How to get around the Netherlands

In Holland, you can travel by train, bus, subway or tram. Regional buses travel to smaller villages and buses, and subways and trams travel all over the cities. Holland also has intercity trains running frequently between large cities. To travel on Dutch public transport, you’ll need to get an OV-chipcard from a station vending machine. While the public transport system is comfortable and convenient, Holland is also ideal for cyclists with its flat terrain, mild climate and more than 20,000 kilometres of cycle paths. You can rent bikes in city centres, at train stations and from some hotel operators. Another great way to get around is by boat, many of which will allow you to take your bike on too. Take a fast ferry up to Amsterdam from coastal towns Velsen and Ijmuiden, or between Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Water taxis are lovely way to get around Rotterdam and Amsterdam.