Ever wondered what the world's most visited tourist attraction is? You'll find it in Midtown on the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, illuminated in lights and swamped with people. That's right, New York's famous Times Square is the city square to end all city squares. The landmark is visited by 39 million people a year and photographed just as many, its neon Coca-Cola sign and TKS booth standing out in the background.

The appeal of a busy intersection choc-o-block of signs may be lost on some people, but few can dismiss the feeling you get while standing there, akin to standing at the crossroads world.

The iconic square is located in the hub of the Broadway theatre district — hence the razzle-dazzle lights. While a photo standing in the square is essential, it's not the only thing to do in the area. Shopping is one popular past time, with notable shops including Disney Store and M&M's World while restaurants such as the Hard Rock Cafe New York and Planet Hollywood enjoy iconic status.

If you're an early riser, visit the square around breakfast to watch Good Morning America being filmed at Times Square Studio. If you can time your visit to New York around December, the best time to be in the square is on New Year's Eve when the historic ball drops, a tradition that has rung in the new year since 1907.

Address: 1560 Broadway #800, New York, NY 10036, United States

United States of America

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