Introduction to North America

While Europe seems to be the go-to continent to experience many varied cultures in one trip, North America might just be underrated in that respect. In the United States of America alone, you’ll experience so many different ways of life with pop culture that’s reached all corners of the globe. West Coast surfers, wholesome folk from Midwest, vampires from the Deep South (jokes!) and fast-talking wise guys from New York City are just a handful of the varied types of people you’ll meet in the US. There’s 50 states of difference in the US including the island state of Hawaii and the far-flung icy locale of Alaska!

Add to that Canada’s varied provinces, some of which are French-speaking, some of which have a higher population of animals than people, and some of which are located above the Arctic Circle. And, we haven’t even started with the diversity of cultures, landscapes and historic finds in Mexico yet! A trip to North America will be a cultural eye-opener in more ways than one.

The only tricky part about kicking off your North America journey is deciding what to include on your travel itinerary. You could spend a year exploring every nook and cranny of this continent. Obviously there are a few cities that need no introduction – New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Miami, Honolulu, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Cancun and Mexico City. And then there are the world-famous landmarks and attractions like the Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Venice Beach, Niagara Falls, Alcatraz, the Canadian Rockies, and Disneyland. Oh! We could go on forever.

Maybe the best way to tackle this huge and populous continent is to start with hiring an old Chevy, making your way down Route 66 and just take it from there? Or take your own spring break vacay? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’ve got plenty of time up your sleeve – altogether the US, Mexico and Canada cover a massive landmass of over 22 million square kilometres. So, what are you waiting for?

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