Things to do in North America

Where to start with things to do in North America? Perhaps at the top. You can explore the US’s icy and isolated state, Alaska. Go moose spotting in the many national parks and, if you time it right, you can kick back in the Alaskan wintertime and take in the spectacular light show of the Northern Lights a.k.a. the Aurora borealis. Journey east of here to one of the most picturesque countries in the world, Canada, and hit the slopes on some of the biggest and best mountains in the world. Popular ski resorts to ski, board or even work at and enjoy the après ski party scene include Whistler Blackcomb and Banff. The US is no slouch in the winter stakes either. When the snow falls, head to Colorado, Utah and Montana.

Keep journeying south in the U S of A. Perhaps an ‘American Pickers’ type journey could be the way to go? Whether you’re a collector or not, hiring a car and cruising through the State’s many and varied wonderful towns and cities is an awesome way to see the country. Stop in to jazz town New Orleans, party like a rockstar in LA, gamble your spending money in Las Vegas, indulge your inner kid in Disneyland, see the epic Grand Canyon, we could go on forever.

Ever wanted to experience spring break? Mexico is the place to be. Cancun in particular. But sinking 50 cent Coronas isn’t all you’ll want to do in Mexico – there’s incredible history and culture to explore too. There’s some of the world’s greatest archaeological monuments including the decorated Maya temples and Teotihuacán pyramids, sacred cenotes to dive into, cliffs in Acapulco to dive off, and Day of the Dead festivities to get amongst.

For more travel inspiration in North America, here’s our wrap-up.

National Parks of North America

From icy wonderlands to arid deserts and plenty of evergreen forests and mountains in between, North America is blessed with myriad natural attributes just waiting for that picture-perfect moment.

North America beaches

Caribbean dreaming in Cancun, windswept New England shores and sunny California beaches - you'll have no problem finding somewhere to dip your toes in the water in North America.

North America party hotspots

The raucous fun of Mardi Gras, the no-holds-barred hedonism of spring break in Florida and Mexico, and the unspoken agreement about Las Vegas. Get set to partay your pants off across North America.

Skiing North America

Chase the powder with an epic skiing or working holiday in the US and Canada. Mountain resorts, wintry drifts, wildlife spotting and an amazing après-ski scene await you.

New York

This 24-7 city will leave you breathless. There’s the Statue of Liberty, the MET, hipster hangouts like Williamsburg, the best hotdog you’ll ever eat and so much more. Try to keep up.

Los Angeles

The US city that excites everyone. From 5-year-olds obsessed with Disneyland to guys and gals in their 20s chasing fame and fortune, this is the city of dreams.


It’s the home of crime TV shows where everyone’s impeccably dressed, the architecture is sublime, professional babes travel on rollerblades and Cuban beats will have you hip-shaking uncontrollably. Bring it.

Niagara Falls

Like waterfalls? Straddling the Canadian province of Ontario and the US state of New York, Niagara Falls is arguably the most famous and beautiful waterfall location in the world.


Canada's largest city is also the country's most multicultural metropolis with myriad nationalities and worldly influences swirling around this artistic and cultural hub. 

Mexico City

Forget the cliches. Mexico's capital is a colourful city where architectural splendours share space with buzzing barrios, ancient archaelogical sites and bohemian sights.