North America Transport Guide

Could we mention hiring a car and cruising along Route 66 just one more time? But if driving overseas (and on the other side of the road!) isn’t appealing, there’s plenty of great public transport systems throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

How to get around North America

There’s a few options to traverse North America and travel between the countries here. There’s airports where you can jet from point to point, which might be necessary and the most efficient way in some cases, but if you want to really see this epic continent, travel by land – on a train, bus or in your hire car. There are a few main bus companies in North America: Bamba for the US and Mexico, Moose Travel Network in Canada and Greyhound, which serves over 3,700 destinations across the 3 countries. Offering daily departures, the Bamba Experience crosses most of the US states and Central America too. Moose Travel Network is another hop-on, hop-off bus network that offers 30 tours spanning Canada’s incredible landscape. The rail network in the US is the world-famous Amtrak. This network covers 46 states, the Columbia District and 3 provinces in Canada. There’s over 300 trains servicing over 500 destinations. So you can pretty much get anywhere! You can buy a range of passes and students get a 15 percent discount. Hooray! If you want to see Canada by train, go VIA Rail. You can cross from coast to coast on a range of passes and under-25s get an epic discount of up to 50 percent on VIA Rail 6paks. Within the cities and towns, you’ll also find a variety of public transport options including the subway, buses, light rail, cable cars, streetcars and cabs.