Introduction to Norway

Children of the ‘80s and ‘90s will remember troll dolls – those adorable little critters with pop colour hair. Yep, we all loved them. Well, now’s your chance to delve deep into your favourite toy’s origin, because Norway is the land of trolls! They’re an important part of Norwegian folklore, varying in size (just like the toys), but are messy and ugly creatures that get up to no good (unlike the toys). Legend has it that trolls live in caves or the forest and they only appear after dark – the sun is said to turn them to stone. There are many places in Norway that have been named after trolls, including Trollhattern, Trollveggen, Trollstigen and Trollheimen.

Trolls aside, Norway is pretty as a picture. Its dramatic landscapes are extraordinarily beautiful with steep-sided fjords, jagged coastlines, grand and glorious glaciers and epic moutainous terrain. And it’s not just the landscape that’ll capture your imagination, there are some lovely creatures inhabiting Norway’s arctic landscapes like polar bears, reindeer and oxen.

Nature is very close to the heart of many Norwegians. And not just because it’s pretty and home to lovely creatures; it’s also perfect for adventure! Some adventures are for the more daring - base jumpers, we’re talking to you. But there are some other energetic activities that don’t require a spare pair of underwear. Try world-class hiking, whitewater rafting, cycling, dog sledding or riding on snowmobiles.

One of the Scandinavian countries and known as the Land of the Midnight Sun due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle, Norway’s capital is Oslo. Its other major cities include Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Tromsø and Fredrikstad. While the country is pretty sizeable at 385,155 square kilometres, it’s only home to around 5 million people so you can be pretty sure you won’t be pushing through crowds as you experience the natural wonders and picturesque cities and towns of Norway.

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