Norway Currency Guide


Norway uses the Norwegian Krone as currency.


All over Norway there are ATMs that accept international bankcards with a Cirrus, Plus, Visa or MasterCard logo. Best check with you bank before you leave though to make sure your card can be used. You’ll find ATMs (known as mini-banks) in busy places like shopping centres and other public places.


Before you jet off to the land of the trolls, you should probably change some Australian Dollars into Norwegian Kroner. Norwegian Kroner are available to pre-purchase from Travel Money Oz before you fly. If you can’t change your money before you leave Australia, you’ll find it easy to find an exchange booth in Norway’s capital, Oslo.

Credit Card

In a pricey country like Norway, you’ll need to pack a credit card. They accept all kinds of cards like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club and Eurocard. You can even used credit cards for some public transport options like train tickets. If you don’t have a credit card, consider a debit credit card that allows you to access your savings account and the local currency from ATMs and wherever credit cards are accepted.