Osaka Weather Guide

In Osaka there are 4 distinct seasons. Winters are fairly mild with temps around 10 degrees Celsius, summers are hot with maximum temps of 35 degrees, and spring and autumn have pleasant temps with dry weather, except for October when typhoons sometimes hit the city.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

The summer daytime temps fluctuate quite a bit between hot and freaking hot. Specifically, between 28 and 35 degrees Celsius. August is the hottest month with temps hitting up to 36 degrees Celsius sometimes. The nights do cool off a little though, so you can sleep comfortably. There is a fair bit of rain too, particularly in June, which isn’t the best time to visit Osaka. Don’t miss the Summer Sonic Festival in August with a host of international and local music acts, or Osaka’s massive summer festival, Tenjin Matsuri, the world’s biggest boat festival in July.

Average temperatures: 20 – 36 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Dresses, shorts, tees and sandals.
Don’t forget: An umbrella.

Autumn: September to November

Japan might be famous for its cherry blossoms in spring, but the autumn colours are pretty special too. At this time of year the gingko trees leaves blaze with lovely yellows, oranges and reds before falling to the ground. To celebrate its beauty, there’s the Midosuji Parade down the main street of Osaka, Midosuji Avenue, in mid-October. Autumn is a very pleasant time of year to visit Osaka, aside from the rain in October.

Average temperatures: 9 – 29 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Apparel for layering – jeans, tees, long-sleeve tops.
Don’t forget: A raincoat, just in case.

Winter: December to February

Things do get a little cold in Osaka during winter, but not unbearably cold. With average highs of around 14 degrees Celsius, it’s really nothing to complain about. However, it can drop to around 5 degrees some days. The coldest month is January when there’s also very little sunshine, however on the plus side, it doesn’t rain much in winter. Locals throng to Ebisu Shrine from January 9 to 11 to pray to the god of business, Toka Ebisu, for success in the new year.

Average temperatures: 2 – 14 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: A warm coat, knitwear, gloves and a scarf.
Don’t forget: Your winter boots.

Spring: March to May

First there are plum blossoms until early March, then the Grand Sumo March Tournament, then it’s cherry  blossom season. What a time to visit Osaka! Cherry blossoms are the highlight of spring with endless crowds viewing the blooms all over the city in Osaka Castle Park, Nagai Park, Yodogawa Riverside Park and Nishinomaru Japanese Garden from early to mid-April. The temperatures are also very pleasant in spring, warming considerably as the season progresses.

Average temperatures: 5 – 24 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Clothes for layering – shorts, tees, jeans and long-sleeve tops.
Don’t forget: Comfy shoes for cherry blossom viewing.