Introduction to Oslo

As Scandinavia’s third largest city, Norway’s capital, Oslo, is perhaps not as well known as Denmark’s Copenhagen or Sweden’s Stockholm, but that’s precisely why you should visit this northern light. Oslo has the dubious honour of being the most expensive city in the world, but don’t let that put you off visiting. There’s plenty of ways to see the city on a budget plus it’s also a great base to explore the land of the midnight sun, fjords and that curious natural phenomenon of the northern lights.

Flying under the tourist radar means this unique capital city has much to offer. Oslo is blessed with the Oslofjord just south of the city centre and the vast forested Marka area north of the city’s suburbs, creating an amphitheatre-like setting. In winter, skiing and boarding are just a 20-minute metro ride away, and it’s not uncommon to see moose around the ‘burbs in the colder months.

When Oslo finally shakes off the freezing temps of a long, dark winter, the cosmopolitan city explodes with an abundance of summer festivals and it seems the entire country has turned out to enjoy boating on Oslofjord and dining and drinking alfresco on the waterfront. At the height of summer, Oslo also has over 18 hours of daylight lending a 24/7 party atmosphere to the city.

With quirky traits and sophisticated culture, Oslo is a joy to explore. Here, you’ll find hipster enclaves alongside traditional Sami culture, music festivals bursting with indie cred as well as 4-day extravaganzas devoted to Norwegian black metal, and beautiful people juxtaposed against local trolls (the Norwegian folkloric ones – not the online ones!). Some of the world’s most iconic artists hail from here while Oslo was also a pioneer of the New Nordic cuisine with the double Michelin-starred Maaemo. Discover the riches of this wealthy city now before everyone else!

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