Oslo Transport Guide

Oslo has a highly efficient and extensive public transport system of buses, trams, trains, ferries and underground rail (Tunnelbane or T-bane), as well as metered taxis, making it super-easy to get around the city centre (Sentrum) and to the fjord islands and suburban areas.

How to get around Oslo

The compact city centre, where most of Oslo’s main attractions are located, is easy to get around on foot. Oslo also has the Oslo Bysykkel public bicycle service, which needs an electronic smartcard for use. For ease of getting around, you can use the same ticket on the buses, trams, metro, trains and ferries. The T-bane metro system is the fastest way to get around Sentrum. To travel beyond the city centre, the bus service is the most comprehensive and travels further than the metro, and is faster than the trams, which also goes to area not covered by the metro. To visit the inner Oslofjord islands, ferries depart from Vippetangen. For free travel on public transport, free entry to museums and attractions and other tourist discounts consider buying a 24-, 48- or 72-hour Oslo Pass.